20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer


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WHY CHOOSE US ? product

20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

  • High Quality

  • Efficiency

  • Best Service

  • Features

Using Famous Name Brand & Imported Raw Materials.

SGS & BV & Intertek Inspection Guarantee.

Totally Automated Machine Production, 99.8% Pass Rate




Multiple Production Lines to Ensure Production Capacity,Production of 600pcs One Minute,2 Days One Container


Free Sample / OEM Wholesale.

Private Customized Gifts for Different Market, like Pakistan,India, Malaysia ,Turkey,

Germany,USA etc.

More Than 5 Years Rich Peer Experience One to One Consultancy Service.

Provide Global Required Certification PVOC/NAFDA/COC/ECTN/BESC.


Focus on Production of Disposable Sleepy Diaper Range of Baby Adult Manufacturer in China.

OUR CASE product

20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

ABOUT US product

20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

Rockbrook Daily Products Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Rockbrook Daily Products Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996, as a professional manufacturer of hygiene care products including Baby Diapers(MAMA’s Baby&iCare),Nappies,Adult diapers(Medicare),Sanitary Napkins(Anytime), Wet Wipes, Menstrual Cup, Incontinence Underpad and etc. Our factory locate in Fujian, has 20,000 square meters workshop and 13 production lines, exported over 40 countries,about 20,000,000USD annual turnover, passed ISO9001, SGS, INTERTEK, NAFDAC certification. We have already gotten good feedbacks from a lot of customers. We are looking for more and more partners to cooperate with us to develop the international market.

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20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

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20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer


20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

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20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

24 hours service hot


Our e-mail address

[email protected]

Our office address

 602, Block 8#, 1970 Industrial Park, Minkang Road Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

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